Another Achievement

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Since my puppyhood is unknown, all we know going forward is where I am at right now. My foster mom has known since day one that I am very fearful, I bark at everything out of fear, she says it is because I missed a very important part of my puppyhood, the socialization period, but she also knows that with hard work and dedication that I can overcome these fears no matter what my age. She was really limited when I first came to her about taking me out, because with my bad leg still there, I had a really hard time getting around and I would get really, really tired out. Once I was all healed up from my amputation surgery, she has made it a point to take me at least once a week to a local pet store and of course my trips to the vet,  so that I can see and meet dogs and people. She took me out last night and she just couldn’t believe the improvements I have made, in such a short amount of time, last night I only let out one little “woof” when I saw another dog at the pet store, and lo and behold since I was quiet the owners were not afraid of me and let me meet their dog! How exciting is that! I did really good and I am so much more confident in myself that I am starting to figure out that I don’t need to bark and be fearful at the unknown.

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I like to play

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Even though there are tons of toys in the house…this is me wanting the one my foster brother has! I figure if I stare hard enough he will give it to me? Maybe I should ask nicely? I eventually got the ball when he dropped it. I have to stay quick on my 3 legs because I have to be alert so I can be there to grab a toy when it is dropped! I am learning manners and I have been taught not to steal from others…so I am learning to wait patiently, sometimes I still try to steal, come on I am a puppy!

Hannah before her amputation

This was me when I was just a wee baby. I had only been in my foster home for about two weeks. You can see my leg before it was amputated. I love this picture of my whole foster pack and my two foster two legged nieces when they came to visit me over the holidays. So whoever may be thinking of adopting me, you can see I like kids and dogs! =)

Hi I am New Here and I am looking for my Forever Home.

Hello Fellow Tripawds! I am new to blogging and new to being a Tripawd. I had my left rear leg amputated 5 weeks ago. Who knows how my life would have turned out if Coastal German Shepherd Rescue had not taken me under their wing! You see no one really knows what my story was before I was 4 months old. And it really doesn’t matter, because I am in good hands now, I am no longer suffering with a left rear leg that was useless to me! I think I must have been born with this defective rear leg, it was completely straight, but it was completely straight underneath me and twisted 180 degrees, it did me no good and it used to trip up my front legs! Whoever had me those first 4 months did not feed me very well, the doctor said my bone density at 4 months of age was horrible and the doctor also thinks that I was improperly confined because my right leg has its issues also, but my right leg the doctor can repair and at last check up my bone density after months of good food has increased to almost that of a normal puppy my age! It is so nice to be young, we heal quickly.  My foster mom tells me her bone density doesn’t improve that quick so she is really happy for me!  My foster mom is going to help me spread the word that I am available for adoption. I have heard that people that adopt dogs like me are very special people, so I am really excited, as much as I have truly blossomed where I have been living and just can’t wait to share all my specialness with someone! I am now 7 mos old and weigh 56 lbs. You can visit my facebook page at and you can also visit my bio page on the Coastal website at I will make sure my foster mom continues to blog updates and update my facebook page, so that all my friends can come along on my journey.