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Hannah's Journey

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Hannah's Journey

2 1/2 Weeks

June 10th, 2012 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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My mom says this recovery has been the hardest thing she has ever had to deal with! I have completely worn her out, she says she needs a vacation but whatever a vacation is, if it means leaving me then she is going to have to change her plans! I got my staples out this past Thursday, the doctor was mucho impressed with my recovery and I get to start physical therapy this coming Tuesday! My mom is not off the hook yet, since I am not completely using my surgically repaired leg, she still has to take me out with the sling and I get NO free time! She tried to give me a little more “space” this morning and left my cone off while she walked my brothers and sisters, do you know what I did? I chewed up the area rugs she has put down for me and I licked my incision (it still itches even though the staples are out), she told me I was lucky I didn’t do too much damage to the incision, it looks good, but for safe measure I am back to the cone! =).  She knows once physical therapy starts that I will make quick progress, because I am ready to GO. She also can NOT wait to start physical therapy because she knows it will wear me out! She says that being a 9 mos old puppy and having to be cooped up ALL day is just making us all crazy! She is trying her hardest to make things better for me, but I still end up arguing with her. In this picture she is giving me some time outside! I love being outside and I miss it!

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  • etgayle

    oh hannah, you know your mom is doing all of this because she loves you!!!! try to be a good girl and not tear up rugs and lick your incision. once you start therapy, you will be so mentally focused, you will be exhausted!!!! hoping you see rapid improvement, and your mom can start to breathe easier.

    charon & spirit gayle

  • Dakota Dawg

    When you’re all grown up, you will probably realize what an exhausting business it is to take care of a pup that can’t really walk…especially when the pup is really a pup! I admire your mom very much. Now you do your part and leave the rugs and the incision alone, ok?


  • AngelAbbysMom

    Hannah, it’s so hard when you are a pup to slow down and take things easy! And I know it must have felt good when you licked your booboo. Bummer about the cone, but your Mama is just trying do what’s best for you!

    Listen to your Mama like a good puppy and enjoy your therapy!
    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  • jerry

    Lookin’ good there Hannah! I’m so glad you’re now able to hang out in the fresh air.

    You ate the rug? Now how good did THAT taste? Silly dog! But dang, cones of shame suck. Maybe you can get one that’s all sparkly and pretty just like you?

    That spunky pawsonality of yours is going to go very far as you get your strength back. Keep it up but go easy on the chewing. Save it for the good stuff like liver treats and trachea! You’ll get more of those if you kiss up to Momma 😉

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