My Dogcation

I know it has been awhile since my mom helped me with a post. But I had to share my dogcation!

My mom took me to Oakland California to go to the Bark in the Park event at home of the Oakland A’s!

It was great fun. We got to meet Austin Rae of the Oaktown pack and his brother Smokey who had 4 legs  and I got to see my favorite 3 legged golden retriever Shelby again!

It was a small but mighty representation of Tripawds! But there were 3 of us which is quite appropriate for 3 legged dogs! 3 is the magic number!

Here are a few pictures.


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Author: hannah

Hannah is a 7 mos old purebred Plush Coated German Shepherd Dog. Hannah was turned over to Coastal when she was a 4 mos old puppy. She was born with a defective left rear leg, it was straight, but it was straight underneath her so she couldn't use it, it just interfered with her ability to get around, due to the fact that she was hindered in her ability to get around whoever had her before Coastal did not feed her properly so her bones didn't develop properly and her right leg has some orthopedic issues, but Coastal works with the best vets around and Hannah's orthopedic doctor has NO doubt at all that once she has her surgery(ies) she will live a long and happy life! Hannah has lived in a foster home since Coastal took her under their wing and has thrived. In February she had the left rear leg amputated and is healing up beautifully and making up for lost time, full of puppy life and vigor. She is now getting the proper nutrition that every puppy deserves.

7 thoughts on “My Dogcation”

  1. It’s always been about quality and not quantity on this journey!!!! A small gathering, but a mighty gathering!!!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PHOTOS! And Mrs Hannah Jerry Dawg is soooooo beautiful! Jerry’s got a fine wife!

    Codie Rae, Shelby…magnificent dogs!

    They…and their humans…did a fine job of representing the Tripawds Nation!!!! YAAAAAAAAAA!!! Well done everyone!

    Thanks for sharing such a great fun day!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


    And I didn’t mean to leave out our four legged representer…SMOKEY!!!! GEEZ, I’m getting daft! Or, more daft I should say!

  3. Yay Hannah, thanks for Sharing your dogcation with us. Tripawds rule. 3 is the magic number 🙂 Small but mighty representation

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. Oh dear Hannah, how I SO wanted to be there for this impawtant date in Tripawds History! Why oh WHY do my pawrents have to work at the ranch in the summer?? Waaaaaah! Well next year, they won’t be working there anymore so I will travel to Oakland if you’ll be there. It sure looked like fun, I’m sad I couldn’t go too.

    Cool pix! Where is the Oaktown pack and their blog about the event? Hmmmm????? CODIE?????!

    Love you sweet dearest wife. Hope to see you soon.

  5. We had a lot of fun!
    The hot dogs were great! The company was great! The A’s won the game with a 3 run walk off homer.
    The fans are really fans, tons of cheers, whistles, singing, high fives going around…very loud and noisy, rowdy in a good way.
    There was about every kind of dog that you could imagine there. We even saw a green and black dalmatian! Tons of dogs dressed up in all kinds of “outfits.” I just don’t get it…
    When we went down next to the grass in the out field, I told Shelby, “here’s you chance to take a dump on the outfield grass, make me proud girl” it didn’t happen. I bet ya Charlie, Shelby’s brother would have done it!
    It was great to see everybody, thanks to Hannah for making the trip north.

    1. Thank you Jack for the summary! Something my mom FORGOT to do! The game was one of the best games I have ever been to – oh wait it is the ONLY game I have been to – but my mom said the game was AWESOME and we are glad that No. Cal welcomed us with open arms! Until next time!

  6. Dang! How did we miss this post????? It was a grrrreat time and we had so much fun meeting you pretty Ms. Hannah and your mom too! And loved seeing Shelby and Jack and Cindi again too!
    Austin Ray

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