No Muscle…WHAT???

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Well it is official I have been told I have no muscle! Which in reality is a good thing because now we know…everyone always tells my mom that I am too SKINNY…but my mom knows she has to keep my weight down and feels I am just right, you can’t see my ribs, but what we found out from my very special visit from Mr. Tony, the CCRT is the reason I look so skinny is because I have NO Muscle in my lower back, butt, or my existing rear leg! Ok maybe NO is a slight exaggeration because if you follow my blog you know I have made great strides from where I was to where I am now, so there is some muscle there but I just don’t have as much muscle as other dogs!

I won’t let that stop me though, we are dedicated to getting me to BE MORE DOG, it will just take me longer than most, but that is ok, I have my whole life! We have been doing lots of the right things so far, which made my mom feel good, but in reality we were not building new muscle, we were just maintaining the little muscle that I have. We added some really tough exercises (tougher on my mom, she will be getting a work out also) that will make me use my lower back and hind end more!

_MG_7799hannah stand copy I was able to prove a point to my mom though because Mr. Tony told us that dogs playing together really is a good form of therapy, it is just NOT enough therapy! =)

Mr. Tony also made a really good point about me not being born with any muscle, so unlike Tripawds that had good muscle structure going into an amputation, I didn’t have that at all, so we really are starting at the beginning, but we will get there and the next time my mom takes me for a photo shoot you won’t see my back end sloping down like it is in this photo! I will stand strong and tall!

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Author: hannah

Hannah is a 7 mos old purebred Plush Coated German Shepherd Dog. Hannah was turned over to Coastal when she was a 4 mos old puppy. She was born with a defective left rear leg, it was straight, but it was straight underneath her so she couldn't use it, it just interfered with her ability to get around, due to the fact that she was hindered in her ability to get around whoever had her before Coastal did not feed her properly so her bones didn't develop properly and her right leg has some orthopedic issues, but Coastal works with the best vets around and Hannah's orthopedic doctor has NO doubt at all that once she has her surgery(ies) she will live a long and happy life! Hannah has lived in a foster home since Coastal took her under their wing and has thrived. In February she had the left rear leg amputated and is healing up beautifully and making up for lost time, full of puppy life and vigor. She is now getting the proper nutrition that every puppy deserves.

One thought on “No Muscle…WHAT???”

  1. Hey Hannah, you’ve always looked magnificent to me but Mr. Tony is the expert. I can’t imagine you being any more beautiful than you already are but boy, lookout world, when you’re all buffed out you’re gonna make more heads spin, including mine!

    I can’t wait to see these exercises. Be sure to share them here OK? This is gonna be great!

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