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Hannah's Journey

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Hannah's Journey

Challenges! What are you talking about?

May 26th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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I have no challenges, my life is great! I can do what any other dog can do, I might not look as graceful doing it, but that does not stop me! Now my mom on the other hand seems to have a few challenges in caring for me, I really don’t know why, if she would just go with the flow and take my lead there would be NO challenges!

But my mom is concerned for my health, safety and longevity, one never knows how long we will live but we all know we must stay strong and healthy and live life to the fullest while we have it. My mom really wanted to be the one to help me get and stay strong, she thought she found the answer with Mr. Tony, the CCRT that came to the house and showed us an at home program, while he had LOTS of great new PROM exercises for me that my mom can and does do with me, my mom says I need much more than PROM to increase my strength because while I am strong, I need to build more muscle because I have none.

The exercises that Mr. Tony did show us to really help build muscle and get stronger , my mom couldn’t do with me, because she wasn’t strong enough! Go figure right!!! It could be that we were trying to use a human exercise ball instead of a peanut which isĀ  more designed for a dogs body, but we didn’t have a peanut!

So my mom’s solution??? She is taking me back to the professionals, to help me build up more muscle, then she can be the one to help me maintain that muscle with the PROM routine that we have.

She also says that grooming me is a challenge but she says she will save that for some other time! =)



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4 Comments so far ↓

  • wyattraydawg

    If you’re a “challenge” then I’m the dawg who’s up to the task!

    You always look beautiful to me Hannah my love, brushed fur or not. I’ll brush you, just come on over to Colorado, my Furminator and I are waiting.

    P.S. You have one fabulous Mamma. You know that right? She is PAWESOME! I can’t wait to see that beach bod you get after hanging with your personal trainer.

    • hannah

      Oh Wyatt you don’t have to kiss up to my mom, she loves you, even though you won’t let me come live with you! As much as I hate going to Physical Therapy, you are my motivation Wyatt, next time I see you I want to be able to run with the big Tripawds!

      I am asking my mom to check on the transport costs to Colorado, I think you might be better at grooming my nubby and backend than my mom ever could be!

  • Barret's Mom Heather

    Such s CUTIE!

    I’m new to the lingo around here.. What is PROM? Isn’t that a high school dance, lol!

    • hannah

      Welcome barrets mom! I didn’t go to high school so I didnt get to. Go to that prom but the PROM my mom does with me are passive range of motion exercises which are small concentrated exercises that help keep us Tripawds stay strong and flexible!

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