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Ok they are any dog Banana Pops – but my mom made them for us and I wanted my mom to share the recipe because she said that it is such an easy, healthy fun recipe for a nice refreshing summer dog treat! I had my first one (ok I asked for a 2nd) tonight! I ate them too fast for my mom to get a picture of me eating them!

Here you go:

1 cup plain whole milk yogurt (healthy for us dogs, make sure you get the good stuff with all the live stuff in it)

2 tbsp peanut butter (we like chunky but you can use either)

1 banana (good for everyone)

Mix all together in a blender or food processor and this size recipe is the exact fit for one standard size ice cube tray! Fill the tray and freeze and then pop out, now if you have a gulper, you might want to fill the bottom of a 16 oz. plastic cup (you know the red costco ones)  and freeze for a bigger size (my brother is a gulper and almost choked, next time my mom will make him one in a cup) Me I can handle the little size, I don’t gulp it, I enjoyed it melting in my mouth long enough for me to break it up and eat it! 20130427_193800 Enjoy!

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Author: hannah

Hannah is a 7 mos old purebred Plush Coated German Shepherd Dog. Hannah was turned over to Coastal when she was a 4 mos old puppy. She was born with a defective left rear leg, it was straight, but it was straight underneath her so she couldn't use it, it just interfered with her ability to get around, due to the fact that she was hindered in her ability to get around whoever had her before Coastal did not feed her properly so her bones didn't develop properly and her right leg has some orthopedic issues, but Coastal works with the best vets around and Hannah's orthopedic doctor has NO doubt at all that once she has her surgery(ies) she will live a long and happy life! Hannah has lived in a foster home since Coastal took her under their wing and has thrived. In February she had the left rear leg amputated and is healing up beautifully and making up for lost time, full of puppy life and vigor. She is now getting the proper nutrition that every puppy deserves.

6 thoughts on “Tripawd Banana Pops”

  1. Great healthy treat! Thanks so. such for taking the to e to share!

    Your girl has such a lovely, sweet face. Shes very pretty. Those eyes just bring love and light straight into our hearts!

    I love that it’s a treat that she’ll love, it’s good for her AND it will cool her off!! And can’t wait to try one!

    With appreciation,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    1. Make sure you let me know what you think! And don’t forget to make them bigger if you are a gulper! Thank you for the compliments my mom thinks iam pretty special also!

  2. Hey Hannah these look GREAT! Can you send some to me since we aren’t living together yet?

    You know how much I miss you right? A LOT!!!

    And I have to say darling, you look soooo beautiful in that photo. I love your smile.

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